Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hearing God in Leviticus 19


This passage is rather interesting, and I have chosen just a small portion of it. As a whole, it is discussing God's call for his people to be holy, or set apart.

These specific words speak to God's command to pay the laborer on time, to not steal or defraud people, as well as the call to leave a portion of the field for the gleaning of the poor during harvest time.

God commands us to pay attention to those that are neglected, overrun, beaten down, or taken advantage of by the world, and to take up their cause and fight on their behalf. He calls us to advocate for laws that show mercy to the downtrodden, he calls us to defend the poor against predatory business practices, and much more.

To do this, we need to ask God to open our eyes to evil, injustice, the taking advantage of those who are on the outside looking in throughout our society and world, and take up their cause.

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